Pleated skirt tutorial - Kagome Higurashi. by neptunyanView the full tutorial here:


Pleated skirt tutorial - Kagome Higurashi. by neptunyan

View the full tutorial here:


Persona 4 Winter outfits + Yosuke summer shirt
by かのつき

Making a ruffly [cupcake shaped] petticoat + skirt


Circle skirt tutorialRuffle/Gathering Tutorial & Info

^important stuff

[almost] finished project! image

-This will not work with very flimsy materials (such as chiffon, jersey, costume satin etc.) you need fabric with at least some natural stiffness  

-These get pretty heavy so they should be made with a fitted waistband and a zipper + snap closure. Elastics will fall down on you D:  

-This requires making at least 25 yards or ruffles, which means over 150 yards of hemming so…uh…set some time aside for making this.

-If you have a question about this, I’d be happy to answer, but for the love of god don’t ask it on anon. 


Keep in mind that circle skirts have really long hems, and when laid flat are, quite literally, a circle. This will probably equate to being more work and volume then you want.

For this I ended up cutting a half circle skirt, three inches shorter then I wanted my finished petti/skirt to be. This is a BASE, it will not be seen, and should be made from a somewhat sturdy material that will not stretch or tear. 

I cut strips of a heavy tulle netting (the scratchy awful type, not the pretty flimsy stuff used on princess skirts) until I had ten four inch by one yd strips. These get sewn together until I have one long strip, then ruffles get sewn onto the bottom.


 The strip gets folded in half (right sides together) and sewn across the seam where the ruffles were attached. 


Then the tulle gets gathered down to the size of my skirt hem and sewn into place. It will look like this. 

imageThen repeat but with longer tulle! This time I used eight inch strips which were obviously sewn four inches above my four inch layer.  

imageNow you have a lovely A-line petticoat that just needs a zipper…but that’s not what we’re making here. We want a cupcake shaped petti! 

So that requires one more layer that starts from your waist. Measure from the waist of your skirt to where the tulle ends and add a seam allowance for ruffles.  For the length, multiply your waist measurement by four. 

Add the ruffle, and then sew something over the seam to hide fraying. In this  case I used really cheap lace. 

Then gather that down and sew it into place. 

imageNow the ruffles should  lay somewhat evenly but they are kind of all over the place. 

imageyou can fix that by taking a very large needle and sewing through all the layers of tulle until they are compacted down a bit

imageAnd then you *can* sew a hoop into the petti so it will never deflate! All that really requires is hand sewing hooping wire on which isn’t very complicated at all. 


Uhmm and then the overskirt is just gathered circle skirts + a ruffle!


I think adding a waistband and zipper is pretty straight forward so i’ll leave that to you. 


More info on how the skirt part was made will be up here soon. 


Look: these boots are very, very simple. Actually sewing them together is no problem once you’ve got it drafted. 

It is, essentially, a sock. A sock with a fancy cuff, with a sole glued to the bottom. It is also zipper-free. You are going to make a sock that fits over a shoe, and you are going to use a knife to peel off the edges of the sole, tuck the fabric under, and then glue the soles back in place so you have a nice, clean edge.

You will need:

  • Spandex fabric in whatever color you need.
  • Extra spandex fabric with the same amount of stretch for drafting your pattern.
  • Pattern paper.
  • A pair of ballet flats (or whatever shoe type you need.) Make sure you get the right “shape”; Supergirl’s boots, for example, have a pointed toe, and look out for sole color; we usually just go with black because anything else will get dirty/paint will chip. You also want to find one with an easily removed sole; as a general rule, the cheaper the shoe, the easier time you’ll have with it. We usually spend about $5 tops on our flats, haha. If you’re trying to do heels, be very, very cautious; if you damage the structural integrity of the shoe, you might be in some trouble when you need to walk on them. You also want to make sure they are as basic as possible; remove any bows and whatever possible.
  • An exacto knife.
  • Hot glue
  • Usual sewing implements; pins, scissors, rulers, whatever. 

You can draft it yourself easily: take your scrap fabric and wrap it around your leg as I’ve pictured above in the pink, and pin it along the back. You want to make it snug, but not so snug that you can’t get your foot out of it either. POINT YOUR TOE WHILE YOU DO THIS. Additionally, wear the shoe while you pin it around your foot; it’ll need to fit over the shoe in the end anyway. Don’t worry about the bottom of your foot; it’s easier if you make the curve under your heel snug, and the front of your toes, but you’re not going to be closing off the bottom.

When you have it pinned neatly and evenly, trim the edges down. Leave enough excess for seam allowance along the back, and enough for tucking on the bottom. (Tucking into the sole, that is.) Take it off your foot and you should have some weird shape (like a mirrored version of the pattern I have pictured above.)

Now: if you trace that onto pattern paper and smooth out any raggedness you may have made in cutting, you have your basic pattern. Then all you have to do is alter the top of the pattern: a /\ point for Wonder Woman, a V for Supergirl, etc. Because we’re making Supergirl, here, you’ll want it to be in two pieces, as shown in the pattern above. Wherever you cut to change the design, be sure that you add seam allowance (as you can see on our bottom pattern.) Also make sure that the top edge of your sock is snug enough to your calf that you won’t have to constantly bend to fix them.

I’ve taken pictures of my and Christine’s patterns. Obviously, if you don’t want a seam down the front, you need to cut the fabric on a fold. You will need four of the top cuff and two of the “sock”; the top cuff is two-layered so it’s got a clean top!

Sew all the cuffs: in the last picture, that’s what they should look like. First, sew them all at the back seam. Then layer them together to sew the top seam, so that when you fold them right-side out, you have finished cuffs as pictured. Topstitch whatever you want.

Sew the sock’s back seam.

Sew the cuff to the sock. Be very careful about the corners, so that they are sharp. Again, topstitch whatever works.

Use the exacto-knife to separate the shoe from the sole. Don’t take the whole sole off — you don’t want to pop it out of alignment, or compromise TOO much of the shoe’s integrity. You just need enough opened that you can tuck the bottom edge of your sock into the space between.

Once your whole sock is finished, it’s time for the crazy part: put it on, with your shoe. Then, with the help of a friend or with the acknowledgement that your spine will hurt trying to do it to yourself, start putting the bottom edge of the sock under the edge of the sole, and gluing in place. We have found hot glue works best because it hardens/sets fast: anything else and you may be stuck sitting there wearing your shoes for HOURS trying not to ruin your work.

Now you have boots.

Go kick some supervillain ass, girl.

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Brace yourself. Wirru’s cosplay armour MEGA TUTORIAL is here!You will need to *right click>Open in new tab* to actually read it. Or see hi res version @ 1 - Foam shaping, Part 2 - Foam Detailing, Part 3 - WorblaFeel free to ask questions here, or (preferably) on facebook 

Posted part of this the other day - here are all the parts! :D



Brace yourself. 
Wirru’s cosplay armour MEGA TUTORIAL is here!
You will need to *right click>Open in new tab* to actually read it. 
Or see hi res version @

Part 1 - Foam shaping, Part 2 - Foam Detailing, Part 3 - Worbla

Feel free to ask questions here, or (preferably) on facebook 

Posted part of this the other day - here are all the parts! :D


I’ve put all of the fabric painting tutorials into one big photo post.

Includes silk painting with resist (Elven Banner), free-hand painting on stretch fabrics (Jareth from Labyrinth), fake embroidery with puffy paint (Peter of Narnia), graphite transfer paper with fabric paint pens (Tali from Mass Effect) and regular Tulip fabric paint (TARDIS lab coat).

Maybe this format is better?




Bra Fitting 101. This changed my life

Ladies of Tumblr, do yourself a huge favor and watch this video. Your lives will change for the better.

i wore a B cup forever and was in a stripclub one night and got scolded by the dancers who said honey no you are a D. 

went to lane bryant, got measured like the beginning of this video and was told I was DD almost DDD. 

so now I wonder what I *ACTUALLY* am. 


*`~`*Junji Ito - Horror Manga - Masterpost*`~`*
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