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because I promised I would when I hit 400 followers, so here goes

I will randomly pick 4 winners who can pick from any of the three above prizes which are:

  • a pair of troll horns (i will make just about any horns, though i reserve the right to refuse making condescension/nitram horns)
  • a legless, block-headed plushie of a troll or kid (i know that ampora sign is screwed up i made that one late at night okay)
  • a host plushie/scalemate (optional belly embroidery)/vodka mutini/casey (not pictured)

reblog as many times as you want and IF YOU WIN AND YOU’RE FOLLOWING ME YOU GET *LEGASP* A TSHIRT OF ANY KID OR TROLL YOU WANT (though if you want dave/jade’s shirt, I am not giving you a long sleeve you’re getting a tshirt)

this giveaway ends when my spring break ends, so Sunday, April 7, 11:59 PM Pacific time

OKAY NOW GO FORTH (when no one reblogs this, once again, i’ll just sew myself plushies and weep silently)